The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Please play the Sky trilogy before playing Zero, folks. Played with the great Geofront patch, please support those guys.

Gameplay – 9/10

+ Slot upgrading and opening slots means you start right from zero, but obtain progression quickly which is rare in a first entry in a Trails arc.
+ Both crafts and arts are utilized well, and boss battles are super fun.
= Something I found interesting was how little the ATS stat mattered as opposed to actually having the strongest spells in the game, so I can imagine people that didn’t understand the line system well might have struggled.
– Battles without preemptive strike take way too long and aren’t really a struggle either so it can feel a little annoying not getting the preemptive strike.

Visuals – 8/10

+ Sprite art is nice and cute, and crafts and S-Crafts have nice visuals.
+ You can tell they worked really hard on backgrounds this time around, Zero is a really pretty game looking at the backgrounds. Probably why you couldn’t change the camera angle in this game haha.
+ Animations were also quite impressive at times.. see the entire Arc-en-Ciel show.

Story – 10/10

+ The classic strength of a Legend of Heroes game, but Zero’s story is seriously phenomenal. I really like the detective/police angle they spin on the classic story, and it really feels like a high-stakes game at all times, even for the smaller missions.
+ All the characters are there for a reason, and the SSS is an unforgettable group of 4, even if I haven’t played Azure/Ao yet, it just makes me want to know more of their story.

Content – 9.5/10

+ There’s so much to do in this game, including little optional events that are just there for world building. The only pain about sidequests is how much walking you have to do, but it’s all worth it in the end.
+ Lots of quartz setups to try out for gameplay, and fishing and cooking are both rewarding if done. Small point is you kinda need to spec someone for field stuff though.

Music – 10/10

+ Falcom JDK really did an insane job with this game. The music sets the mood so well in all the scenes and adds a Crossbellan flair to the game, I would say.
+ Notable tracks include Scene of a Street Corner, C.S.P.D. – Crossbell State Police Department, Geofront, Get Over The Barrier!, Special Support Section, Arrest the Criminal!, St. Ursula Medical College, Crossing the Iron Bridge, Formidable Enemy, Someday Surely, and of course Zero no Kiseki.
+ Scene of a Street Corner made me so happy to walk around Crossbell City.. and everytime I saw a monster chest I got excited to hear Arrest the Criminal. CSPD and Special Support Section were perfect mood setters for me.
+ St. Ursula Medical College feels reminiscent of the past, which really fits Lloyd meeting Cecile after 3 long years. I’m pretty sure I teared up every time Someday Surely played. Zero no Kiseki is the perfect climax song, and also a great menu screen theme. It’s also such a great leitmotif, for other songs like Crossing the Iron Bridge.
+ If I type up something about the whole OST you and I would be here forever, so just do yourself a favor and play the game and listen to the tracks.

Extra Notes


Silverae Notes

– The thematic in this game was so strong.. I was really surprised at how competent the SSS and Lloyd were, but for each of them there were circumstances preventing them from moving forward even if they were talented and this game was all about them moving forward in their own ways. Even for the Sky cast that showed up in this game.
– I can’t believe Falcom was gonna skip Crossbell and go straight into Erebonia and they came up with a game this good honestly.
– Watching Arc-en-Ciel in game was kind of like how I felt watching a performance outside, that was pretty special honestly.
– This game was really good at making you feel like the SSS were in deep shit sometimes. A lot of games don’t make me feel like the events that happen in game was actually high stakes scenarios, so I thought that was pretty special.
– Still surprised Joshua fell for Randy’s trap in the chase sequence.
– Joshua looks pretty weird though, seriously.
– I really like the SSS, Noel, and Dudley.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

Gameplay – 8/10

+ Felt pretty straight forward for the most part, but bosses were fun besides Orjugan who I didn’t know how to fight properly, and even then I fought it incorrectly probably just by deflecting it’s missiles lmao.
= Additional sword techniques like the charge fire slash or the tornado comboes were nice, but it kinda felt like they weren’t really necessary to actually use most of the time.
+ Solid YS gameplay, but not enough skill expression imo for the system which is a little unfortunate, but still fun.
– Some stuff feels a little stat-checky based on your equipment/levels, I wish this game wouldn’t let you do 0 damage and let you do 1 or something.

Visuals – 6/10

+ Environments were nice.
= I feel like otherwise, there wasn’t a whole lot to look at.

Story – 5/10

+ Again, not a whole lot to talk about here, though it is nice to see the continuation of Adol’s story.
+ A short, simple story to round off the gameplay. Geis was an interesting character at the very least.

Content – 6/10

+ A couple of optional bosses and sidequests here and there. Dungeons had hidden passages and hidden stuff to see, some of it pretty hard to find.
= Game content wasn’t very long though itself, my Steam clocked in around 10-11 hours.

Music – 9.5/10

+ I really love Ys 6’s OST though. It’s a good mixture of fast paced energetic music, and good adventuring music.
+ The first song you hear on the island is Gratitude for Nature’s Blessings, and it’s just such a relaxing song.
+ Quatera Woods is the perfect exploration music as well, to me. It’s one of my favorite field themes in any game.
+ Other personal favorites from this soundtrack would include Mighty Obstacle, Ultramarine Deep, The Ruined City ‘Kishgal’, and of course Ernst.

Extra Notes


Silverae Notes

– Ernst fight was definitely the highlight of this game imo. For someone who comes in only near the end of the game, he sure knew how to make an entrance.
– Dash jumping was neat but it really was annoying to do platformer puzzles that you’d have to repeat if you fell off, not to mention the amount of hidden stuff locked behind dash jumping in-between like 4 pillars. Not really sure how one is supposed to figure that out without a guide.
– I didn’t play the PS2 version of this game, but I wanted to give a shoutout to Konami’s team for adding Alma’s Trials, I’ve always really loved this song and wanted to play Ys VI cause of it.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim