Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ~ Torna: The Golden Country

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Gameplay – 10/10

+ Felt like a step up from the original Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Battle System.
+ Swapping Blades and Drivers with unique switch arts as well as freestyle blade combos was nice, even though it kept the extra depth with special blade combos.
+ I already loved the base game’s battle system, but it felt a lot nicer to be able to play as different characters in battle.

Visuals – 10/10


+ Honestly felt like the graphics improved from the base game, and that they mastered the system.
+ Cutscenes were still great as ever, a particular favorite of mine (spoilers).
+ Landscapes and level design were nice as usual from the Monolith team, and combat specials felt smooth and nice to look at.

Story – 5/10 (8/10 if you’ve played Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

– I feel like the story left us still with a lot of questions, especially if the base game has been played.
+ Some things were done well, such as the explaining of the Tornan Titan and how Lora meets Addam amongst other things.
– They could have used some more time developing characters with Hugo and Aegeaon coming to mind specifically.

Content – 4/10

+- A lot of sidequests to do, this is good because it adds gameplay and exploration, however they pad the story content with mandatory sidequests. This has good plot connotations because of the fact that Addam is seen as a hero though, however.
– A lot of the game would be better if the story was just a little longer.
+ Camping and crafts were a nice touch.

Music – 10/10

+ This is impossible not to give a 10/10, considering I had this theme on loop for like 3 weeks straight.
+ I would give it a 10 just for that theme, but here are some more. Gormott, The Acting God, The Kingdom of Torna (Day),
+ Mitsuda, Kenji Hiramatsu, ACE+, and Kiyota do it again. The use of different instruments for arrangements from the base game is super nice. The Kingdom of Torna is super relaxing.

Extra Notes

+ All in all, I think Nintendo and Monolith Soft did a great job with this expansion DLC, it felt really fruitful to play and I enjoyed it a lot.


Silverae Notes

– I can’t believe they did almost the full combat tutorial in one battle.
– I really enjoyed Minoth, Haze, Hugo, Jin, and Addam in this DLC.
– The themes in this game carry over to the base game really well, and I felt terrible for Jin. Jin is such a good boy. I ship Jin and Lora for sure.
– I wish we could have seen where Lora resonates with Haze, since Haze seems to be a special blade. And maybe a bit of Hugo and Addam’s interactions in the past, but I just wanted to see more since I love Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so much.
– Gort was really creepy.


Protect this hecking good boy, please.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ~ Torna: The Golden Country

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


Story – 10/10

+ The hook was really interesting, the initial premise of a person who only wants to find out about their past life and who they were.
+ Very coherent and easy to understand plot, considering the usage of otherworldly powers.
+ Every character including the minor ones add a lot of flavor to the game and are unique.
+ This game always leaves you wanting to know more, and the situation only develops instead of stagnating.

Visuals – 8/10


+ Really enjoyable visual style, I think the pixelated models and animations actually showed a lot of depth and character, specifically for characters like Cabanela.
+ The portraits show a lot of expressions and are all well done.
– Some of the puzzles were confusing due to the visual and graphical style, notably one resorting to a wool cap but it wasn’t a huge deal.

Music – 8/10

+ The music really fit the game’s atmosphere at all times really well.
+ Masakazu Sugimori did a great job composing for the game, with specific tracks like The Beginning of the Night, The Last Desperate Struggle, and the Main Theme.

Presentation – 9/10

+ The gameplay matched with the storyline very well, and things were easy to interact with and kept the game going in a linear fashion where you still had to figure out what to do in what order.
+ Some of the puzzles were actually pretty tricky, I think I found the basement one the most challenging.
= This game had a bit of an experimental style where you don’t really get punished for anything, but in a way they were able to give more hints to players that were struggling.

Extra Notes

– Might add something here a bit later.

Final Score: 35/40

Silverae Notes

– Shu Takumi really is an impressive writer.
– I found it really hard to be patient in this game when people are dying around you and I felt like I wanted to blitz through puzzles but I guess that’s just my problem.
– I think the only thing I would have liked more clarification on was specific powers for characters or maybe why or how they got them, but that’s just me being nitpicky.
– The dynamic between Jowd and Cabanela was quite fun to see.
– Missile is the best doggo.
– Shoutout to my favorite person for finally getting me to play this :]

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective