Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne

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Gameplay – 7.5/10

+ Press turn system is very punishing., especially early.
+ Some boss fights were pretty fun.
– Buffs and Magatama trivialize a lot of bosses, especially mid-late game. When you get your setup you can stop thinking, if it’s good.
– Endgame enemies are very annoying and all have phys repel/void.

Visuals – 6.5/10

+ Demifiend has some pretty cool looking skills.
+ Demon models in full 3D (seriously they haven’t done this since the PS2 era)
+ Some visual effects look pretty good.
– Some areas look very muddy and the colors are pretty repetitive. (Sewers, similar stations)

Story – 8/10

+ The reasons were really interesting– Chiaki and Isamu are very interesting characters.
+ The true demon ending is pretty nifty as well as the neutral endings.
– Endings aren’t too fleshed out.

Content – 8/10

+ Lots of demons to collect.
+ The labyrinth of Amala not being randomized is pretty nice.
+ Customization is really a strong point in this game, from various builds and magatama to ingest as well as demon party building.
= Dungeon design was mostly interesting, a lot of interesting gimmicks considering you can only move around and press X to interact. However for each interesting gimmick there’s a teleportation dungeon so there’s that as well.
– Not a lot of sidequests. Collectables aren’t too useful.

Music – 7.5/10

+ Shoji Meguro had a lot of strong tracks in this game, as per usual from him. The normal battle theme is a classic imo. The songs really fit the thematic of the game though, they have that post-apocalyptic feel with all the screams.
= Some themes were forgettable, but at least were fitting for the area.
+ Standouts include Large Map, Normal Battle~Town, Ginza, Reason Boss Battle, Last Boss Battle ~ Before Transformation, Fiend Boss Battle, Beelzebub Boss Fight.
+ Probably my personal favorite, the staff roll haha.

Extra Notes

+ Lore tidbits were super cool, especially between the manikins Sakahagi and Futomimi. (+1)


Silverae Notes

– The Pyro Jack puzzle made me wanna die for sure.
– I find it super interesting how Chiaki wanted a world of strength but she needed to utilize other powers to become strong in the first place. And Isamu needs the Demifiend in order to accomplish his goals of being alone. All the reasons are created by individuals wanting something that they can’t achieve with their personalities and abilities– really goes to show that people always just want things they can’t have and that the grass is greener on the other side.

Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne

Tales of the Abyss

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Gameplay – 7.5/10

+ This game is considered the blueprint for future Tales of games, sporting free run and the HP/TP system. AI isn’t too challenging with free run though, and the game does just have better artes for certain characters (Void Tempest, Rending Thrust, etc).
+ Boss battles were fun, especially the six God Generals, All 6 characters were pretty fun to play at times as well.
– Higher difficulties can be statchecky at times, see Unknown mode Liger Queen.

Visuals – 5/10

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– Bad framerate makes things look choppy.
+ Some artes/FOFs are pretty cool looking, but overall leave a lot to be expired. Jade’s spells are a highlight.
– Models and animations outside of battle seem choppy or slow.
+ General art assets are fine.

Story – 9.5/10

+ I really enjoyed all the characters in this game, they all have their own motivations for what they do, including the antagonists.
+ Sidequests bolster the amount of lore and backstory between characters like Tear and Legretta, or even minor characters.
+ The world is pretty well built, Auldrant has some really neat lore behind it.
+ I really think life being bound to prophecy and religion was an interesting concept and it was executed well in this game. It was really interesting how the characters fell into the prophecy and the decisions they took regarding their own destinies.

Content – 8/10

= There is always a lot to do in the story, although it doesn’t always feel fulfilling.
+ A lot of sidequests that are meaningful. Jewel of Gardios, Cecile/Frings, and various costumes are nice to have. I like how every playable character has their own artes sidequest line as well.
– Lots of backtracking.

Music – 4/10

= Standard Motoi Sakuraba fare of music. Some really boring music like the Baticul sewers but some pretty good music at times. Motoo Fujiwara’s contributions to the game are very enjoyable though.
+ Standouts include mirrors, finish the promise, abyss.

Extra Notes

+ FOF circles were the gimmick in this game, they actually make the game way more enjoyable in combat. (+1)
+ Multiplayer was good in this game, the camera zooms out further the more players you have. Doing the Arena Team Exhibition Battle with my sister was really a highlight of my younger years. (+1)


Silverae Notes

– Loading times are pretty bad.
– I love this game despite the lower score, I played it a ton with my sister and I have a lot of nostalgia for this game, but replaying it kinda let me see it’s flaws as well. It’s really fun to play with someone.
– Sunlight Chamber on Guy is super fun.
– I like Jade, Guy, and Tear a lot.

Tales of the Abyss

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker

Gameplay – 8/10

+ Grid-based strategy elements were pretty good, crack systems and buffs are better utilized than in Devil Survivor 1.
+ Good amount of characters to build teams you like, but there isn’t much of an incentive to need to use other characters.
+ Press turn system is implemented in a unique style, giving you extra battle turns if you hit weaknesses.
– Early game fights felt really grindy, especially with the fairy healing skills.

Visuals – 6/10

+ 2D sprites and maps. Demon art by Kaneko is always nice to see.
+ Consistent artstyle between characters however with traits that separate them well. (ie. Fumi’s cheongsam, Jungo’s toque)
– Lack of interesting animations.
– Definitely more charming DS/3DS games out there.

Story – 7/10

+ Concepts and otherworldly concepts were interesting.
+ Characters were mostly well developed, especially when it comes to the Triangulum Arc.
+ The Triangulum Arc is what the the Septentrion Arc should have been, although it is better with the extra context as you feel more for the characters. I’d give the Septentrion Arc a 5, and then add 2 for the Triangulum.
– The story feels like it runs around in circles pretty often until the end.
– You either have an idea of what’s going on, but the characters don’t so you run around for a while.
= Characters can be permanently killed, which changes some events.

Content – 9/10

+ A lot of character events, since there are so many characters.
+ Playing both the Septentrion and Triangulum Arcs is an easy 80~ hours if you like grinding extra battles.
+ There are even sidequests within the game, and new game + bonuses.
+ There is a lot of voice acting, and it is basically all done very well. There’ll probably be voices you don’t like, but there’ll also be voices you will really enjoy as well.
= Multiple endings with a lot of rehashed content, good for replayability if you really like the systems.
– A lot of reused content, specifically in the last days of the Septentrion Arc.

Music – 9/10

+ Kenji Ito did a wonderful job with this game. The soundtrack grows on you the more you play it. I felt a little lukewarm about the music at the start, but I’ve come around to really enjoy some of it.
= There is a lot of forgettable music, though it does fit the scenes it is played in.
+ Favorites were Exploration, Septentrion, Battle of the Brave, Will of the Species, Providence.

Extra Notes

– Amount of extra battles, demon cracking could have been a bit simpler.
+ QOL is very nice in this game, things can be done really fast. (Auction, Fusing, Character setups, etc.)


Silverae Notes

– A lot of likable characters in this game. I liked Daichi, Io (Triangulum), Ronaldo, Yamato, Miyako, and Fumi.
– My favorite character is definitely Otome though, I prefer her more balanced distribution to Fumi’s while still being basically as strong magic-wise after a certain point.
– Lategame demons were kinda hard to get, especially without getting Fate 5 on a lot of characters, though it’s usually like this in SMT games.
– I’d like to see another Devil Survivor game.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Gameplay – 10/10

+ Session System was very intuitive, felt like a fun spin-off of SMT games for sure.
+ Feels very rewarding to do big damage, and boss fights weren’t gimmicky and just felt challenging.
+ Weapon Triangle system was fun to implement and gave me (has FE background) a sense of when to use certain party members to hit weaknesses, yet had elemental guessing.
+ Had a fun cast of characters that were all viable and easy to use. No penalty for switching out characters in battle as well, which gives an incentive to use other party members.

Visuals – 9/10

+ Really colourful game, and a lot of animated cutscenes (I don’t know how high the budget was for this game, but it surprised me for sure)
+ Session animations were fun to watch for sure.
+ Colourful palettes and nice artstyle.
– Models were a bit stiff at times.

Story – 5/10

– Story conflicts are managed easily, and without a lot of buildup. (Yashiro’s motives for fighting, Ayaha)
+ A lot of FE1/FE3 fanservice here, which personally I really enjoyed but need FE background.
+- Sidestories were hit or miss, but a lot still required FE background to get the true value of it.
+ This game is basically carried by the likable characters.

Content – 7/10

– Sidequests required a lot of backtracking and were very annoying with little reward.
+- Dungeon designs were very hit or miss.
– Sidestories that didn’t have chapter bosses were very flat.
+ Lots of things and systems to upgrade.

Music – 8/10

+ Overall quite good, dungeon themes were a little lacking to me.
+ Liked most of the vocal themes more than I thought I would. Raindrop Memories is probably my favorite song, then Black Rain is the followup vocal song.
+ Battle themes in general were great. The beats and rhythm in Extra Battle.
+ Standout themes: Battle Theme, Bloom Palace, Extra Battle , Quest Battle, Dual Battle, Dream Catcher-inst-.

Extra Notes – (-1)

– Lack of QOL and skipping watching sessions especially late-game.
– Probably way too much backtracking.
+ Systems of gaining abilities through weapons and unlocking weapons with drops was very fun, gave incentive to fight.


Silverae Notes
– Touma is probably the best sidekick character I’ve ever seen. Shows up and doesn’t give any fucks, and helps your gang out already having the power to fight unlike needing help like most sidekick characters. He kinda got shafted later, but he has mostly everything down and his side story just feels like hanging out with him.
– I love Mamori and she must be protected.
– Yashiro is a really fun character that goes through a lot of growth, I feel like his side-stories were done best and you can definitely feel like the growth is natural. I don’t typically like edgelord characters, but he’s got the good touch of friendliness. I didn’t like Black Rain at first but it really grew on me too and now it’s one of my favorites.
– I’m really happy with the amount of Shadow Dragon fanservice, I thought this game would pander more to Awakening fans. Although instead of Awakening characters stealing the spotlight, I guess Tsubasa kinda did.
– Gold was pretty useless in this game.
– This game really did feel like a Persona 5 prototype.
– People should give this game a chance for sure.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

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